Penetration Testing Services


Benefits of Penetration Testing... Business Information Technology Security Continuity! We insure that your critical Data-Center(s) remain protected, secure, from security breaches & vulnerabilities.
We will help you maintain control of your network infrastructure and network devices; which will positively impact production and increase your bottom line.
Network Administration


Your business is our business, we take your business seriously and we will provide you with a thorough investigation into your network related problems leading to a quick and speedy resolution.
We will ensure continuous connectivity to all your critical network devices and resources for your employees...
Secure & Sound Information Technology = Steady Work-Flow = Productive Business!
Active Directory Security Solutions


Managing the security configurations on hundreds or even thousands of Windows Servers & Workstations is one of the most important tasks all IT Administrators must perform these days. The failure to do so, as we all know, will and can result in data integrity corruption, a multitude of network vulnerabilities, unauthorized data access, and a complete loss of critical data.


Now more than ever it is important to have a secure IT environment. The facts are simple, recent events and government warnings report about possible cyber-attacks by terrorist, and disgruntled employees. These warnings also mention the fact that there are now new Virus attacks and Trojan Horse outbreaks occurring on a daily basis.

We have worked with large and small-scale businesses, assisting in securing their critical information technology business networks in various ways.
Our security services include but are not limited to the following:
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • SOX Compliance Testing
  • PCI Compliance Testing
  • Patch Management
  • Security Monitoring
  • Virus Removal
  • Virus Protection
  • Network Auditing
  • Proper Server Security Configurations
  • Proper Workstation Security Configurations.
The Above Devices Will Offer Protection From Outside Intrusions, Vulnerabilities, Internal Security Breaches, and Malicious Employees.

Pentesting | Penetration testing, is a critical security-assessment, an analysis, and progression of simulated attacks on applications (web, mobile, or API) or networks to check its security posture. The objective is to penetrate the infrastructure, network, or application security defenses by looking for security vulnerabilities.

Penetration test are performed to evaluate and improve the overall security of your business networks and web-based applications to know how susceptible you are to cyber-attacks. ISSO-TECH ENTERPRISES is a leader in conducting penetration tests, utilizing expert hackers and top-end security tools in order to find and communicate attack vectors before the (Black Hat Hackers), bad guys exploit them.

  • ISSO-TECH ENTERPRISES security professionals will work with you and your IT department throughout the process; we are committed to your success.

  • We will alert you and your team of all vulnerabilities and security breach findings when they are identified so that we can work with you and begin remediation process immediately.

  • Our experts teams use advanced techniques in reconnaissance and enumeration, exploitation, false positive verification, and reporting to ensure you receive a thorough report.

  • We go above and beyond basic vulnerability scans: our penetration test utilizes manual techniques and custom security scripts conducted by our professional ethical hackers with certifications ranging from C|EH, CPT, CISSP, CISA, and other industry certifications.

When it Comes to Your Infrastructure Security; Ransomware, Trojan Horses, Viruses, Malware;
Nothing Changes...
Unless; Something Changes!

We evaluate and test your network infrastructure for vulnerabilities and report all findings for proper mitigation and resolution.
Get your FREE Limited Network Security Audit, to secure your IT Environment Now!| 1.863.808.1878

Allow our security professionals to answer your questions regarding infrastructure security and network security penetration testing... We provide you the peace of mind, security and freedom to concentrate on Managing Your Business -- Not Your Network. This will definitely secure your critical IT Infrastructure & Data-Centers to help you NETWORK @ GREAT SP33DS!

  • Network Layer Testing includes testing of the network attached devices such as NAS, SANS, Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Servers, Unified Communications Systems, and IP Phones to identify security weaknesses such as unpatched systems, out-dated firmware, weak user credentials, default passwords, and misconfigured network devices.
  • Web Application Testing includes testing of the web servers and their application’s security authentication mechanisms, data input screens, functionality and user roles to identify security weaknesses in the development of the application. ISSO-TECH ENTERPRISES web application testing will identify all common vulnerabilities such as those published by OWASP, SANS, SYMANTEC, Top 20, as well as those unique to the individual web applications.
  • Social Engineering is a testing method used to extract vital corporate or small & medium business information or gain physical access to your business location through the end-user. This may include phones calls and or emails to targeted individuals inorder to bypass onsite physical controls to access sensitive information.

imageFREE Network Security Assessment! ISSO-TECH ENTERPRISES, LLC. (ISSO-TECH), is offering a FREE assessment of your network security.
Our certified Microsoft Network Infrastructure Security Engineers will audit your environment and make their recommendations on securing your network, servers, and workstation!

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Listed below is a comprehensive list and a variety of business technology security solutions and services we offer our clients. Please contact us | 1.863.808.1878 for more info.
  • Network Infrastructure Security Design
  • Infrastructure Security Evaluations
  • Cyber Security Evaluations
  • Network Security
  • Active Directory Security
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Enterprise Server Security
  • Enterprise Workstation Security
  • Wireless Network Security
  • Data Recovery Services


Data Security is our #1 Priority... We ensure that your critical enterprise data is secured with encryption and can only be accessed by the people who are authorized and who require it.
We also secure your Active Directory environment to minimize unauthorized access to internal users without the proper permissions.