Professional Technical Support & Help Desk Services
Penetration Testing Services


Benefits of Penetration Testing... Business Information Technology Security Continuity! We insure that your critical Data-Center(s) remain protected, secure, from security breaches & vulnerabilities.
We will help you maintain control of your network infrastructure and network devices; which will positively impact production and increase your bottom line.
Network Administration


Your business is our business, we take your business seriously and we will provide you with a thorough investigation into your network related problems leading to a quick and speedy resolution.
We will ensure continuous connectivity to all your critical network devices and resources for your employees...
Secure & Sound Information Technology = Steady Work-Flow = Productive Business!
Active Directory security Solutions


Managing the security configurations on hundreds or even thousands of Windows Servers & Workstations is one of the most important tasks all IT Administrators must perform these days. The failure to do so, as we all know, will and can result in data integrity corruption, a multitude of network vulnerabilities, unauthorized data access, and a complete loss of critical data.


  • We believe in the fact that your enterprise or small business; needs to focus on its primary objective, "Business". However, more often than not, mind-space is taken by operational issues plaguing the IT Infrastructure.

    We provide you the peace of mind, security and freedom to concentrate on managing your business -- not your network. This will definitely secure your IT environment and help you NETWORK @ GREAT SP33DS!

image Computer and Software Phone Support Services.
When you have a flat tire you call AAA
Now when you have a network or computer related security problem or system malfunction, you call the Technology Specialist @
    Unlimited Support Site use 24.7.365
    Telephone Technical Support Services with a live Technician 9:00 AM EST. to 6:00 PM EST. (Call as many times as you would like anytime, days, nights, evenings, weekends, holidays ISSO-TECH ENTERPRISES is always ready to serve you!)

    Fixed price telephone technical support memberships:
    $24.99 per month (6 month memberships) with a one time $25.00 set-up fee.
    $59.99 per month (1 year memberships) with a one time $50.00 set-up fee.
    $49.99 per month (2 year memberships) with a one time $100.00 set-up fee.

    Fixed price Onsite visit | Technical Website | Telephone Technical Support Memberships:
    United States Only!    Call to request a Quote!

  • Now with Instant account activation online! Help is just minutes away :=)

    Anybody who has ever called Gateway, Dell, HP, Apple, etc...and has paid between $38.00, $50.00, and $125.00 per call, per incident, plus the cost of the long distance, or a computer technician $100.00 per hour +, knows what an amazing deal this is.

    Instant Phone Support for all your Computer Hardware and Software problems!

  • Microsoft Office Products, Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, Access and more ...
  • Anti Virus and other great utilities
  • Browsers, E-mail Clients, Desktop Graphics
  • Home office Quicken, Money, QuickBooks Pro
  • Hundreds of software titles supported!
  • Installation, configuration and system set-up
  • Tutorial assistance to bring you up to speed
  • Navigational assistance for online services
  • Problem identification and resolution on almost all supported products

  • Desktop PC's, Laptops
  • iPads, iPods, Pocket PC's & PDA's
  • Printers, Scanners and Modems
  • Video and Sound Cards
  • Zip/Jazz drives
  • USB devices
  • CD/DVD writers

    Operating Systems
  • Windows 10 Workstations
  • Windows 8.1 Workstations
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Linux Servers
  • MAC OS

    These memberships are great for your company to purchase for every employee! Recommend it to your boss and save the company lots of money (you’re sure to be remembered during bonus season). This is perfect to give as a gift, even if the gift is to yourself as an insurance policy for when your PC breaks down.

    Whether you're a small or large organization, computer user problems are frustrating and time consuming. Now your employees can call us and we'll help them resolve problems quickly, saving you time, getting them back on track, enhancing productivity and making money.

    Telecommuters and Home Businesses
    It's easy to feel isolated, especially when you're having technical problems. Now help is just a phone call away.

    Out on the Road or at Home Can't download that all-important report or presentation for the morning meeting? Technical problems when you're out of the office can cause major headaches and embarrassment - especially when you're in a different time zone and your company's help desk staff have all gone home for the night. With ISSO-TECH ENTERPRISES, you can get real-time help.

    New to Computers? Are you overwhelmed with the techno-jargon and endless guides and manuals? Just need to speak to a live human being? ISSO-TECH ENTERPRISES is here to provide you with friendly, expert assistance.

    Save money and dramatically reduce down time at:
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